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Quick Tips to Move Cargo Fast

Need the shortest delivery time possible? Follow these quick tips for express air freight.

Shipping cargo interstate is an important part of many Australian businesses. Same day air freight between domestic airports has become increasingly popular and necessary for shipping time-critical cargo. If your business depends on receiving or sending goods urgently, you need to be able to send the cargo off as quickly as by possible. We have collated some quick tips that will help you can streamline the process and avoid unnecessary delays.

Ensure the air way bill is correct

The airway bill serves as a contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier as well as a receipt of goods by the airline carrier. Cargo cannot be shipped without the airway bill, and in order to avoid delays it is vital to ensure the airway bill is correct.

Make sure you check:

  • The details of your shipment are correct
  • The weight of your cargo is correct
  • The recipient information is correct

Carefully pack the goods for air freight

When shipping time-critical cargo, goods arriving damage free is even more important. In order to ensure that your delivery arrives both safely and on time, it is important to follow the guidelines your carrier provides.

If a shipment is delicate or fragile, it is important to take extra care and make sure that appropriate packaging materials are used.

Clearly label your goods

Clear labels ensure that cargo shipments arrive on time and are handled appropriately. Therefore, it is important that when labeling your delivery, standard labeling practices are followed in accordance to your requirements. 


  • Company name
  • Contact
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Orientation labels to ensure that that cargo remains damage free
  • Any appropriate handling labels
  • Number cargo items and indicate how many items there are in total

Take care to remove all other labels on the packaging to avoid confusion.

Confirm number of cargo items

The final quick tip is to ensure that your cargo count is accurate. By ensuring that the cargo count matches the quote and order you can rest assured that none of your items will be left behind.

When you require the shortest delivery time possible, following these quick tips for air freight shipping can help ensure there are no avoidable delays to your cargo. Book your cargo on the next flight now, or alternatively, to learn more about our express interstate service contact an Airborne Express representative today on 1800 247 267.


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