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Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Airborne Express offers the services of an in-house customs broker to assist with the clearance of international shipments, including our Next Flight Priority International bookings.

Engaging a knowledgeable customs broker is crucial to saving time and money when shipping goods into Australia and New Zealand. Imported goods must adhere to strict quarantine laws and be assessed for duty, GST and other taxes. The consequences for not adhering to these laws can be costly delays, but also significant fines and prosecution.

Airborne Express customs brokers are fully government licensed and accredited to provide a full comprehensive service. Airborne Express can facilitate the clearance of goods with government authorities throughout the world, providing a comprehensive service for every Australian and New Zealand port as part of an integrated global network.

  • Declaration submission
  • Calculation and facilitation of taxes, duties and excises
  • Landed costings
  • Hassle free clearance of goods


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