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Protect Your Cargo for Air Travel

Airborne Express is committed to delivering freight on time, in the most time critical situations, in perfect condition. Due to the nature of air travel, your cargo may be handled many times before it reaches its destination. It is important that all items are appropriately protected by their packaging. To make sure that your cargo travels safely and quickly, read the following tips.

Shipping Boxes

  • Always use high quality corrugated cardboard boxes for parcels.
  • For fragile or heavy items, double- wall or tri wall constructions are recommended.
  • If reusing old boxes, ensure that they have not lost their rigidity.
  • Look out for the manufacturer stamp which tells you information about the construction type and strength of the box.
  • Under filled boxes may collapse and over filled boxes may burst. Prevent this by choosing a box with the right size for the content being shipped.

Shipping with Pallets

  • Choose pallets large enough to prevent overhang of freight and with the proper strength to withstand stacking
  • Never exceed the rated capacity of your pallet
  • Ensure cartons are new and of proper strength to withstand stacking
  • Use strapping to secure your cartons to the pallet, and shrink/ stretch wrap to prevent pieces from getting lost or separated from the load.

Irregular Items

  • Use triangular mailers as they will sit flat on the conveyor belt, and will be processed faster.
  • Check that your goods don’t have any items hanging or sticking out that could cause damage to other shipments and that ample padding has been added to your freight.

If you have any concerns or would like more information on how best to pack your shipment, email us at cargo@airborneexpress.com.au. Alternatively, one of our account managers will be happy to help you on 1800 247 267.

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