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This booking form must be submitted a minimum of 2 hours before the targeted pickup time. Airborne Express booking requests are processed during business hours 8:30am – 5:00pm Mon-Fri AEST. For urgent booking requests or requests outside business hours, telephone bookings can be made by calling 1800 247 267 (AU) or 0800 247 267 (NZ). 

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All business is transacted under the Airborne Express Standard Terms and Conditions.


  • Shipper is responsible for ensuring that Cargo is packed in an appropriate way for air Carriage so as to ensure that it can be carried safely with ordinary care in handling and so as not to injure or damage any persons, animals, goods, other Cargo or property.
  • Each package shall be legibly and durably marked with the name and full address of the Shipper and Consignee or one or more pieces in a Shipment shall be so marked with all other pieces in the Shipment being appropriately referenced accordingly.
  • Shipper is responsible for packing Cargo so as to protect it from all weather conditions to which it may be exposed, including but not limited to rain, wind, heat and cold.

Please be aware that submitting an online request form does not constitute a confirmed booking. Your request will be priority processed by a Airborne Express Customer Service Consultant who will contact you to confirm your booking and provide you with a unique Air Waybill (AWB) number.

This consignment does not contain an unauthorised explosive or incendiary device and I understand may be subject to security screening by Explosive Trace Detection, X-Ray and/or physical search.

I acknowledge this consignment may travel by air and make this statement for the purposes of Section 23A of the Civil Aviation Act. This consignment does not contain dangerous goods.

I understand that all bookings are subject to the Standard Terms and Trading Conditions of Airborne Express Pty Ltd (copies of which are available online at www.airborneexpress.com.au).*
I understand that my signature renders me personally responsible for the above statements and that a false or misleading statement made knowingly or recklessly is a statutory offence punishable by imprisonment and/or a fine and may render me liable in damages for breach of contract.*