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Calculate the Weight

Calculating the chargeable weight for your shipment will be based on two factors:

1. The actual (dead) weight of the shipment; or
2. The volumetric (cubic) weight of the shipment

Whichever figure is the greater; actual weight or volumetric weight will be used to calculate your freight charges.

Standard volumetric rate is 1 cubic metre = 250 kilograms

The reason that the chargeable weight is calculated this way is because typically large items with a light overall weight will take up more space on an aircraft than a small, heavy item.

The following is an example of a basic calculation:

Step 1

Example of measurements for weight calculating

Calculate the following two factors:

Shipment (dead) weight:30.0 kg
Volumetric (cubic) weight: L X W X H in metres
 0.50 X 0.60 X 0.20
 = 0.060 m3

Step 2

Convert the volumetric (cubic) weight to the equivalent weight
(based on 1m3 = 250kg)    0.060 m3 X 250 kg = 15.0kg

Step 3

Shipment (dead) weight: 30.0 kg
Volumetric (cubic) weight: 15.0 kg

Therefore, the greater of the two equates to the shipment (dead) weight, hence the rate applied would be calculated at 30 kg for this shipment.

Freight Rate Calculation =Kilogram Charge X 30 kg
 + Basic Charge + Security Surcharge + Fuel Surcharge.
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