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A flexible and efficient tracking platform is critical to shipping freight, especially when the cargo is time critical and there is little to no room for error or delay. In order to deliver on time, every time we need to be able to track every step of a shipment whilst giving our clients peace of mind as they track the shipment themselves. Introducing our state of the art tracking system, my.Airborne.

my.Airborne, the Integrated Web Tracking System used by Airborne Express delivers significant benefits and service improvements, allowing for complete transparency throughout the shipment, aiding us in delivering consistent service with greater shipment control and most importantly, it is easier to keep our clients happy.

In order to provide consistent service to clients, it is important to proactively respond to client demand and provide transparent and open communication. Clients expect end-to-end, up to date cargo solutions that freely and easily allow them to transport cargo from A to B. my.Airborne allows for better communication, resulting in less disruptions and issues being resolved faster than before. We are able to prevent costly mistakes and avoid unnecessary delays.

The overarching goal is to keep clients happy by giving a better service experience. my.Airborne gives real-time information about shipment status as well as customised status reports or automated email and SMS notifications that can be sent to clients. If it moves, it can be tracked. my.Airborne is a highly sophisticated, fully integrated technology platform. It allows for the timely exchange of information with all users, visibility of shipment and real time tracking and tracing. An added value of my.Airborne is in the provision of paperless operations for transport documents, electronic transactions and communications between stakeholders. my.Airborne manages the flow of data and documents that track and control assets and people in motion. Designed expressly for freight operations, it is built for the particularities of priority air freight delivery.

When you need the peace of mind that your cargo will be delivered on time my.Airborne grants you increased visibility to monitor the status and movements of your goods in real-time at any time. Contact us today to find out more about how my.Airborne and Airborne Express can help you achieve your shipment needs.

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